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Water Table | Personal | Film

Last summer we brought home a water table for Linnea since we didn’t really have much of a backyard to play in or a community pool where we lived, and with a newborn it was challenging getting out of the house in the heat of the summer anyway. As we get set to move in the next couple of weeks, I’m excited we will be in a place with a patio big enough for her to continue enjoying her water table time- this year with baby sister Caelynn playing along.




We are so excited to begin this next chapter in our lives. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for months… and I can finally exhale. Our decision to sell our house was the best we’ve ever made. I’ve gone back to work part time at our local pro lab (my everlasting love for prints has only strengthened since I started!), we are moving back to the same place we lived when we got married and only had THOR! (full circle, yes?), my parents sold my childhood home and bought a new place near where we will be, and things in general are just looking up.

If you are contemplating making a big change, don’t fear it. Change can be so incredibly hard, but it can also be the best thing we do for ourselves. I’ve learned how resistant I am to change as a general rule, but I have also learned to lean into it instead of run (probably kicking and screaming) from it. You can’t grow without change. Growth is change. And change. is. good.


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Mother’s Day Portraits


My sweet mama, circa late 1970s, Pinetop, AZ

Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday… and I know your mama has been good to you since the day you were born. (Well, we mamas try, anyway!) I came up with these offerings to help my clients celebrate Mom in a way that lasts longer than a solitary Sunday in May. Some moms need a reminder of how wonderful they are as individuals, while others cherish moments with their kids and want those moments immortalized. Dads, kids, you know her best- choose the one that you think would make her day and connect with me to set up her session!

Beauty Sessions are memorable and impactful for the women who experience them. These are designed to focus on what makes the subject beautiful on the inside with images that accompany that beauty as an outward expression, captured on film. A good fit for mamas who deserve some time to be pampered and the perfect gift from loved ones who want to remind her why she is so dearly and deeply loved, as everyone contributes in small but meaningful ways to these sessions.

Mama ‘n’ Me sessions are all about kids and mamas loving on each other and securing those moments with sweet and playful imagery. These sessions are for the mamas who don’t often see the front of the lens; for mothers and children who will look back years later on these images and remember a sweet and precious relationship shared. Whether your first child is brand new or all your babies are grown and out of the house, across every generation these sessions are meant to give you warm fuzzies every time you see your prints.

$375 gets you:

Your choice of a Beauty Session or a Mama ‘n’ Me session
Photographer’s time and talent pre-, during and post-shoot
Up to 60-minute, on-location session
Shot on gorgeous 120 or 35mm film with professional development and scanning
Web-sized images for sharing Mom’s session online
One (1) 11×14 print
Two (2) 8×10 prints
Three (3) gift prints
25% off a la carte prints and products
-$495 value-

Sessions must be scheduled to occur no later than June 30th, 2013
Payment in full reserves your date
Offer available through May 31st, 2013
Non-transferable; only valid for these session types

Here are a few of my favorite beauty and mama captures from past sessions:

007890-R1-009 JSalley000306-R3-E033 JSalley001210-R2-E027 JSalley001210-R3-E044 JSalley001231-R1-E004v2 JSalley2001119-R2-E025 NRalley001029-R1-E006 SRalley000306-R1-E005 Anne-and-girls-1

I may or may not have snuck in a photo of my kids and me… just because I love it that much. Those photos never happen- I’m always the one taking the photos! People like me would love a Mama ‘n’ Me session… just sayin’.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Cheers to celebrating Mom in the ways that show her how cherished she is!

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Nick | Highland High School Senior | Film

A couple weeks ago, Cody and I ventured out with Nick and his parents for an adventurous session down at one of the few Arizona rivers that actually has water in it. (You know you’re from Arizona when… you no longer associate rivers with water! Heh.) You may remember his face from this session, and I was so excited to get to work with this amazing family again. This super tall guy who loves basketball, guitar and romping around in his Jeep looks just like his dad, and when he graduates next month he will be heading off to Wyoming to work outdoors all summer. Sounds dreamy as we anticipate the dreaded heat around these parts… but I digress. This post is about Nick and all his awesomeness, and the exciting journey he has ahead of him after next month. There’s no doubt he is well-equipped being that he comes from such a great family! Best wishes to you Nick as you get ready for graduation and the life you have ahead of you. There’s no doubt you’ll rock it like you did this shoot!