Hi, I’m Andrea.

I am a fine art film portrait photographer based in the Phoenix area.

I love film. Luuuuuuuurve it. That’s the first thing you need to know about me.

Secondly, I love the tangible. My clients prefer to write in their day planner instead of typing their appointments in an iPhone; doodle calligraphy in a sketchbook than choose fonts from a drop-down menu; check out books at the library than download the latest best-seller onto their e-reader. Fine art prints and velvet albums make me all warm and fuzzy inside. I will work with you to make sure that you leave with a collection of beautiful, heirloom products that compliments your life just perfectly.

Third. I love simplicity. I am an aspiring minimalist- as far as what minimalism means for my family and me. What I’m learning about the practice of less is that it isn’t about how little you can possibly have- it’s about living a life full of the things that matter to you- and nothing more. Most importantly, I want the life I share with my family to be full of experiences instead of stuff- and more than ever I desire to capture our adventures on film, because wouldn’t you agree that photos are the most powerful tool we have to bring back memories of precious times with our loved ones?

That being said, photography is more accessible to the masses than ever; I get that. But not everyone understands it as an art form. So if what I’ve written here resonates with you, let’s chat. I’d love to get to know you so that every image I capture is simply, beautifully, the essence of you.