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Last summer we brought home a water table for Linnea since we didn’t really have much of a backyard to play in or a community pool where we lived, and with a newborn it was challenging getting out of the house in the heat of the summer anyway. As we get set to move in the next couple of weeks, I’m excited we will be in a place with a patio big enough for her to continue enjoying her water table time- this year with baby sister Caelynn playing along.




We are so excited to begin this next chapter in our lives. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for months… and I can finally exhale. Our decision to sell our house was the best we’ve ever made. I’ve gone back to work part time at our local pro lab (my everlasting love for prints has only strengthened since I started!), we are moving back to the same place we lived when we got married and only had THOR! (full circle, yes?), my parents sold my childhood home and bought a new place near where we will be, and things in general are just looking up.

If you are contemplating making a big change, don’t fear it. Change can be so incredibly hard, but it can also be the best thing we do for ourselves. I’ve learned how resistant I am to change as a general rule, but I have also learned to lean into it instead of run (probably kicking and screaming) from it. You can’t grow without change. Growth is change. And change. is. good.


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