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Yesterday I headed up north to Sedona via Page Springs to investigate the apple orchards as a potential spot for spring mini sessions later this month. It was a solo trip, which, as an introvert, I always love doing. But I so so so missed having the girls and Cody with me and doubt I will do this again without them any time soon.

I originally hoped to be able to host my spring mini sessions on the 14th during the height of the apple trees blossoming, but logistically it doesn’t appear that I can pull it off in time. However, it was not a totally wasted trip- in fact, it was very much the opposite. I left feeling refreshed and inspired and full of new ideas and there will be some REALLY cool things coming down the pipeline this season, all founded in the core of what matters most to me, doing exactly what fires me up:


Beautiful film portraiture

Being outdoors and hiking

Exploring new places

Celebrating Arizona living

Moving forward with our shared life and achieving our most important goals

Photographing people and families who value these things too

This list is not in any way, shape or form exhaustive. But it is a springboard for my next project that I can’t wait to share with all of you.










These colors are for real, y’all- these photos are as-is. Arizona is such a cool place and I LOVE living here. It isn’t just a hot, endless desert- it’s dynamic, colorful, and full of wide open skies with sunsets like you’ve never seen. We have forests and alpine and rivers and streams and the color of the cactus blooms in the summer will simply blow your mind.

Get out there and go adventuring. Explore where you live with your family. I am so excited to piece together these ideas I have and share them here- get ready for some adventure- it is right around the corner!


One thought on “Adventuring. | Personal | Digital

  1. I love these pictures! You are truly talented my friend =) Can’t wait to catch up on life on our phone date! xoxo ❤

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