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101 goals in 1001 days… I have until September 28, 2015 to accomplish this. Doesn’t that feel like a REALLY long time away? I mean, wow. And no, these aren’t S.M.A.R.T. goals, and I’m not even sure how many goals I can come up with off the top of my head, but here goes nothing:

  1. Sell our house
  2. Move back to Scottsdale/Arcadia
  3. Learn large format portraiture
  4. Set up a portrait studio in our future home
  5. Have my photos published in a favorite magazine
  6. Have an image (or images) published in a book
  7. Find a makeup artist and hair stylist to collaborate with
  8. Develop monthly themes for my personal work
  9. Revamp my Web site
  10. Hire a branding expert to define my brand from the ground up
  11. Do a beauty session in the snow
  12. Take portraits of my parents
  13. Take my girls hiking as often as possible
  14. Get a minivan (I know, I know…)
  15. Create fine-art images to sell
  16. Have my work shown in an art gallery
  17. Offer personal shopping services
  18. Learn to shoot and edit video
  19. Attend FIND (will happen in November 2013!!!!!)
  20. Do guest posts on favorite blogs
  21. Develop a blog schedule and stick to it
  22. Have sessions featured on Let the Kids and/or Little Bellows
  23. Attend WPPI
  24. Buy new laptops for both my hubby and me
  25. Begin building a boudoir portfolio
  26. Develop a senior rep program at targeted schools
  27. Purchase a Hassy or a Rollei
  28. Begin shooting my sessions in 100% film
  29. Expand my lens arsenal
  30. Use my writing as an avenue into my life
  31. When we move, find a new church home that we love as much as our last one
  32. Serve in that church
  33. Commit to a missional community
  34. Lead a missional community
  35. Choose a charity/non-profit to partner with and donate to (this will be related to child sex-trafficking)
  36. Cook dinner for my family as often as possible
  37. Visit Iceland
  38. Visit out-of-town friends (Oregon, California, Florida, Colorado, Vegas, etc.)
  39. Have once-a-week date nights with my husband
  40. Schedule twice-yearly overnights with my husband
  41. Take a family vacation
  42. Take the girls to the zoo at least every couple weeks (annual passes FTW!)
  43. Purchase a gun, a safe to put it in, and learn to use it- CCW class (this is nerve-wracking to me but equally as important)
  44. Get the girls in swim lessons
  45. Investigate home-schooling options
  46. Be a morning person
  47. Weather permitting, get outside with the girls for at least an hour a day
  48. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly coffee dates with my closest girlfriends
  49. Get Linnea signed up in something fun of her choosing- dance, track & field, soccer, music lessons, whatever she likes best!
  50. Purchase fine-art prints and canvases to display
  51. Develop timeless framing options for clients
  52. Sell print collections based on in-home decor consultations
  53. Develop pre- and post-shoot client questionnaire
  54. Free up my husband enough financially to pursue his dream of attending seminary
  55. Set up office hours, published and unpublished, to maximize time with my family
  56. Start running again (I need major help here!)
  57. Purchase a new couch
  58. Get a bigger book shelf (we purged SIX HUGE BOXES of books this past summer, and we still need more shelf space!)
  59. Read one business book a month or more
  60. Commit to a regular Bible study with my husband
  61. Learn to develop and scan my own film
  62. Revitalize film photography in the Valley
  63. Be as responsive as possible in social media
  64. Create family photo books using Artifact Uprising
  65. Write a letter to the child I sponsor in Haiti
  66. Develop beautiful packaging for clients
  67. Purchase custom USB drives
  68. Plant a vegetable garden
  69. Begin sewing again (hair bows for Jessica!)
  70. Plan at least three styled shoots, preferably more
  71. Have a grill at our future house
  72. Update my entire family’s wardrobe
  73. Learn Lightroom
  74. Buy and use a pressure cooker
  75. Learn more about self-sufficiency and homesteading
  76. Commit to one-on-one time with each of my girls once a week
  77. Develop a consistent weekly babysitting schedule with my parents and in-laws
  78. Get our dogs groomed every two months
  79. Sell Cody’s car and buy a truck for him
  80. Get a handle on my time-management skills
  81. Go to the dentist
  82. Meet as many fellow FINDers as possible when they’re here/I’m in their hometown
  83. Go back to Nashville
  84. Try rock climbing again
  85. Bring a meal to a neighbor
  86. Get a DVR so we can limit TV watching to only the shows we want, when we want
  87. Write more thank you notes
  88. Purchase a large format camera
  89. Invite guest bloggers to post here
  90. Learn off-camera lighting techniques
  91. Take more photos of everyday life; perhaps complete a 30-day photo challenge, 52-photo challenge, or get really ambitious and complete a 365-day photo challenge
  92. Be a more generous and intentional gift-giver
  93. Call loved ones on their birthdays
  94. Purchase and use a Polaroid Land camera
  95. Explore double-exposure photography- set aside time to experiment each month
  96. Gift a session to a deserving family twice a year
  97. Publish reviews on my site
  98. Develop custom packages for specific types of sessions- family, baby, maternity, boudoir, beauty, senior, etc.
  99. Plan quarterly mini sessions on-location or in my future studio
  100. Attend a relevant and local networking event
  101. Publish what-to-wear guides


I feel like many more ideas will pop up as these are in no particular order and many have been floating around in my head for a while. Because don’t you love how the best ideas come to you when you’re doing something like driving or taking a shower and you can’t write them down? Ha! Story of my life. It feels good to get these in writing, no matter how trivial or unquantifiable they may be. I look forward to updating and crossing things off this list over the next 1001 days. Feel free to check up on me, or better yet, share your goals and progress as we dive into 2013!

I hope and pray that each of you have a safe and fun night celebrating the start of the New Year. May you throw confetti in the air, kiss someone you love and be blessed and full of hope in the days to come and successful in all your endeavors.

Lifting my glass,



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