Happy Birthday to Cody and Linnea | Personal

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This morning shortly before 4:00am, I woke up to a small person with long, curly, blonde locks tugging at my hand, whispering, “Mommy… Mommy, I want up here.” I lifted her up and laid her down next to me, snuggled up under the covers and we both fell back asleep with her wrapped up in my arms. When I woke up this morning, I realized that three years ago, at that very moment- 3:50am- Cody held my hand as I brought that same precious little girl into the world.

Cody turned 30 the same rainy, cold day that Linnea Joelle was born. It’s hard to believe our baby is already three years old… she was the tiniest little peanut when she came into the world three weeks early- a mere 5 lbs. 6 oz. when we left the hospital- and it amazes me how quickly she has grown and how much she surprises us with her smarts. She loves “Some Nights” by Fun., her Little People Disney princesses, puzzles, Dum Dums, roller coasters, her whole entire family, Christmas ornaments, and our pups. She knows all the words to her favorite songs and sings them perfectly. She also adores being a big sister. I always told Cody that I will never be able to top his 30th birthday present- and I seriously couldn’t. Linnea is by far the best gift either of us has ever received. And the two of them are peas in a pod- not only does she look just like her daddy, but theirs is a special bond that just can’t be replaced. If something happens to Linnea- if she falls down or gets scared, for instance- and Cody and I are both there, she runs straight into her daddy’s arms. She loves him soooooo much, and needless to say she has him wrapped around her little finger 🙂 So on this special day, I wish only the happiest of birthdays to two of the three of my favorite people on this planet. I love you both so very, very much.



*Birth photo courtesy of my dearest friend Jessica of Session Nine Photography. Having her there to capture those moments was such a blessing.


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