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There is so much “interesting” in this neighborhood. I’ve mentioned my obsession with this place before, and our interest in moving there in the in-between once we sell our house. It may not happen, and that’s fine. I’m still inspired by it. I’ve received a lot of confirmation in recent weeks about our choice to sell our house and make a much-needed change in our lives. Not all of it easy to take, but affirming nonetheless.

And yet, in a sad twist of events, I end up with an odd pairing: images of a funky neighborhood and an overwhelming sense of sadness and wonderment as to what is happening to this world. I sit down to write, the news playing in the background with story after story of the tragedy of baby lives lost and the heroes who tried to save them and the young, troubled monster who walked into a kindergarten classroom on an apparent mission to take the life of his own mother. I didn’t plan to address anything so heavy in this post of things I found inspiring in this neighborhood– certainly not this. My mind is a bit paralyzed as I process the horror of today’s events. My original intent was to share the character and charm of the homes in this little pocket of Phoenix and the inspiration I find as we seek out our next steps. Suddenly, the simplicity of it is gone, and replaced with the knowledge that we are not safe anywhere in this world, so perhaps we should try to be wherever we want to be, and fill those places with as much love, compassion and care as we can muster. I, for one, am choosing to believe that He holds it all in His hands… even the horrifying we can’t explain away, as much as we want to.

God hears our prayers wherever we are. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. {1 Peter 5:7}












One thought on “Maple/Ash | Personal | Film

  1. I love this! From the words to the photos… you are amazing my friend 🙂

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