The Busbooms | Holiday Love | Film

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This was a truly magical session. It was a clear, bright day. There were scenic desert vistas. Vivid colors. Babbling water. WILD HORSES. It’s been such a blessing knowing these two for all the years I’ve known them. They’ve weathered a lot together and it’s always an adventure discovering fun locations to capture their love and companionship each year. Thanks again, Dena and Ryan, for having me along for the ride!

Busboom 2012 1

Busboom 2012 2

Busboom 2012 3

Busboom 2012 4

Busboom 2012 5

Busboom 2012 6

Busboom 2012 7

Busboom 2012 8

Busboom 2012 9

Busboom 2012 10

Busboom 2012 11

Busboom 2012 12

Busboom 2012 13

Busboom 2012 14


One thought on “The Busbooms | Holiday Love | Film

  1. OH How I love these. Your talent is priceless. Thanks for being such a dear friend for all these years. Love you GIRL. you are such a blessing to Ryan and I.

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