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My very dear friend Alex of AVE Styles is one talented (new!) mama. Seems she is always up to something fun even amidst having her first baby- I know how overwhelming that can be, so kudos to her! She’s seriously one of my creative superheroes and I have loved watching her grow as a new mom and in her business. One of her newest projects is helping launch and contributing to a fabulous new magazine called Emma with the subheader, “If Martha were a twentysomething.” Welp… I’m sold (even though I am definitely NOT in my twenties anymore. Oh, wait… what? Who said that? Did I say that out loud?). The inaugural issue hit the Web this month and I loved what I saw. There’s something to be said about useful, beautiful, fashion-forward minimalism and I see a lot of that encompassed in their style. Thought you may like to check out the fun gift guides, recipes, and style advice (courtesy of Alex herself!) as we head full-force into the Christmas season.

You can check it out here.



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