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This year I just counted myself blessed to be able to go up north to spend the holiday with our family. The Annual Cold swung through our house the weekend before Thanksgiving… Still hangin’ on, too. Bleh. (Honestly, just go away, Cold. Nobody likes you.)

My husband’s grandparents live in an adorable a-frame house in Strawberry amidst tall pines, a well-cared-for and bountiful garden, and lots of fall color, although we missed it by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. We were the only ones who didn’t bring our fur-kids (and yes, we feel terribly guilty about it…) but Linnea loves her some pups so regardless it was a good time for her. Our newlywed cousins JT and Katie flew in from Boston and everyone else drove up from Phoenix.

The guys played some Redneck Golf and Corn Hole and the ladies fawned over baby Caelynn.

LJ took Auntie Danielle around by the hand everywhere she could think of and actually gave Uncle Tyler a hug at the end of the day (I think she may be warming up to him!).

Judd killed a bee WITH HIS BARE HAND when it started buzzing around Katie’s head (true story).

I relished the cool fall air and being outdoors after being stuck inside all week.

Then we ate a delicious meal, caught up, cleaned up, and headed back down the hill, as we ‘Zonies like to say.

All in all, so very, very much to be thankful for.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving | Personal | Digital

  1. The pictures turned out so well! Thanks!

  2. Andrea, fantastic photos! Love all of them. Thank you so much!

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