The Shreins | Family | Digital Preview

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I was introduced to dad Dave through our mutual friend a while back when he needed some photography done for his church. We’ve kept in touch over Facebook ever since and our families have crossed paths occasionally at events and things happening around town. I first met beautiful mom Sondra when she was pregnant with their first baby and I was pregnant with Caelynn. Our due dates were only a day apart (May 10th and 11th), but because I was convinced that I would be having an April baby, I figured they would be at least a month apart. Fast forward to May 4th (otherwise known as Star Wars Day… May the 4th be with you)… and I’m still (miserably) pregnant. I went into labor with Caelynn and delivered her less than an hour after we arrived at the hospital first thing in the morning. As I was about to post the announcement on Facebook that our littlest had arrived, I saw on Dave’s page a photo of him holding his new one too… who was born four doors down from where we were! On our way out we stopped in their room to meet their adorable little man, Isaiah. Our kiddos are both Star Wars babies (although I can’t say Isaiah wears the badge quite as proudly as Caelynn does… #nerdalert). Who knew?!!

We scooted over to San Tan Village bright and early the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for this shoot, which was a perfect time of day since no one was there! This is a VERY sweet family and I had so much fun hanging with them… and I cannot WAIT to see the film when it comes back because Isaiah was easily the happiest and most inquisitive little 6-month-old I’ve ever met, and no doubt there is some adorable goodness captured on the rolls I shot. For now, here’s a little preview of our time together! Looking forward to seeing this family again soon!


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