The Devereauxs | Holiday Love | Digital Preview

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Wow… these two. My camera luuuuuuurves this couple. I did their photographs last year for the holiday season, and it is still to this day one of my favorite sessions ever. My sweet hubby joined me on this shoot because Paul and Lisa are dear friends of ours and we were long overdue to hang out with them. We got to know these newlyweds a few years ago when we ended up in the same missional community at our church, and they have such a sweet story. Lisa is also a worship leader at Mission, and Cody and I still remember the first time she took the stage there and we were absolutely FLOORED. I could not believe the pipes on this girl. Turns out Paul had the same reaction we did… so he introduced himself after church one day. A couple of years later, the girl with the incredible voice and bright blue eyes and her tall, kind-hearted man were married overlooking the beach in San Diego.

We met up at one of our favorite urban centers, Scottsdale Quarter, to catch up, take photos, and eat a delicious dinner at True Food. Cody manned the digital so a lot of these photos are his. (Good job, babe!)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!


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