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It’s all fun and games until someone gets pooped on.

Actually, I take that back. It was STILL fun and games after an unfortunate incident involving a flock of birds, four sisters, and a heck of a lot of giggling. This clan is FUN. You would think dad Mike would feel a bit outnumbered as a father to four girls, but as I spent a little time with them on Saturday afternoon it became clear that he wouldn’t have it any other way. All I could say is if we ever have any more kids and they’re girls too, well, I’ll just send Cody his way… mostly for his advice on how to raise awesome young ladies!

These four and their parents were just a joy to photograph- all of them playful, poking fun, skipping and twirling and laughing and loving on each other. I couldn’t resist sharing the poop incident here, mostly because EVERYONE was cracking up and Mike couldn’t stop yelling, “Keep taking pictures!” Ha! Film is off to the FIND Lab, but for now here’s a little preview of our time together at the Mesa Arts Center this weekend:

And yes, some tree hugger knitted sweaters for the trees there.


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