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I don’t have much to share in the way of photos today. It’s Election Day, and I am full of gratitude and pride in our country. Last night on my way home, as I drove through the peaceful streets of our neighborhood, I thought about the significance of what millions of us around the country are doing today. There are billions of people on this planet who don’t have that right, who live in unsafe, dirty, and violent conditions; the total opposite of what I take for granted every day. We should each be profoundly grateful to those in the distant past and especially those presently who are fighting for the right for our voices to be heard. I hope and pray that each of us, as individuals, are NEVER silenced.

We don’t all agree, and many of us are passionate about our values and beliefs (many to a fault), but amidst all the name-calling and division we have to endure leading up to the first Tuesday in November every four years, there is something humbling and unifying in exercising our right to vote. We all encourage everyone who is eligible to get out there and fill out their ballots regardless of who they support. And there is a reason for this. We each hold tremendous power to decide the course our country, and those of our states, counties, and municipalities, will take.

Growing up, and even into my twenties, I didn’t fully understand the importance of our elections and getting out to rock the vote. But now that I’m a mom- a mom who wants my girls to embrace the things their dad and I teach them- I realize the things I decide today can greatly affect their tomorrows.

So happy Election Day, friends. May you celebrate this day, pen to ballot, appreciating and exercising your right to choose your future.


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