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So remember my friend Meggin who was expecting her second little girl? The one we were anxiously awaiting who was just as stubborn as can be and seemed to like being all snug in mama’s belly? The little girl with an adorable pink nursery whose name was Molly? This little one somehow stuck it out through a full moon, super crazy rain storms, and trying every trick in the book to get her out… and nothing. I was hoping to get the call to head to the hospital to shoot her birth on days that wouldn’t require chaos ensuing in our house, or in traffic, since they planned to have her at a hospital on the complete opposite side of town from me. All I wanted was to make it to the hospital in time!

Little did any of us know, we were in for quite the surprise.

On October 16th, I got a text at 5:00am saying they were heading to the hospital, but that she would let me know if it was indeed go time and, if it was, I could head over. After nearly three hours with no word, I get this message:

And then I peed my pants.

But probably not as much as Daddy did when the nurses noticed the, *ahem*, extra parts on their new little baby. The doctor didn’t even bother to look since this was only the SECOND TIME it had ever happened at that hospital. The nurses, on duty to clean up the little guy on the brightly-lit newborn table, stared at the baby for a bit, started stammering around, looking at each other, until one of them blurted out the word “HE” and time stood still for a moment and all Meggin and Keith could muster was, “WHAT?!!??!”

As shocking as it was, I’ve never seen two people more enamored with their little boy. Pink nursery? No big deal. NO boy clothes to speak of? Whatevs. Baby Logan is as perfect as they come, and it’s not like anyone could have been upset at the little guy’s surprise arrival. Big sister Olivia loves him so much. And although I would have missed the birth no matter how fast I drove to get there, being there to capture the joy these two proud parents shared as they got to know their little guy was such an honor. Thanks for letting me in on such a precious time, friends.

I have a roll of film at the lab that I’ll be getting back in a couple weeks, but the lighting was so sketchy I’m not sure what to expect! You’ll see more of a preview here than I normally post- more to come when I get my scans back!


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