Danielle | Beauty | Digital Preview


This session is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. This is my beautiful- inside and out- sister-in-law, Danielle- my husband’s sister and BFF who I was fortunate to inherit as one of my very own. My daughter’s favorite person in the whole world. As I sat here sorting through the few digital images I took, Linnea looked up and said, “That’s Auntie Danielle, Mommy! She’s so beautiful! Do you think she would like it if I saw her and gave her a big hug?”

I picked myself up off the floor after melting into a useless puddle and said, “I think she would like nothing more, sweetheart.”

I just sent off the many rolls I shot of her while on our adventures in Prescott and can’t wait to see the rest and share our story with you. You won’t see much of her pretty face here, but that’s only because I know the best is yet to come.



2 thoughts on “Danielle | Beauty | Digital Preview

  1. Love the pictures! I can’t wait to see more. Linnea says the most precious things!

  2. Linnea can give me a hug ANY TIME! She is so sweet!

    EXCELLENT photos, Andrea! You have quite the eye! I know the film is going to turn out just as amazing if not even more amazing! Your pictures really capture the feel of Prescott. It just makes me want to go back and hang out… all the time!

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