Page Springs | August 2012 | Film

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When we got out of the car after arriving at Page Springs Cellars, I looked around and asked Cody, “How far did we drive?” I felt as if we had been magically transported to the likes of Napa Valley or Southern France. I had heard that Arizona had some wonderful wineries, but I always assumed they were in southern Arizona. When I asked on my Facebook page where we should go for another day trip while Cody burned up some vacation time, a friend mentioned Page Springs. I was intrigued, so we looked it up on the map and off we went.

There were several wineries in the area- the turnoff for Cornville off the 17- but this one appeared to be the most substantial, at least from the outside. Cody and I each sampled a flight of wine and then headed out back to go down to Oak Creek, which ran right through the area. The creek ran red with mud from nearby Sedona after a series of big monsoons rolled through, and grapes hung from the trellises as we walked down the stone pathway to the balcony. Linnea loved running through the rows in the vineyard and up and down the steps. I think Cody and I just wanted another glass of wine to enjoy while overlooking the creek. WHAT an escape! Not to mention we found a rose wine that was actually very delicious- I’ve never liked that variety (listen to me- like I know what I’m talking about. Ha! I have no idea) – they were always too sweet – but this one was good. So we splurged and brought a bottle home.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to return here. Probably without the kiddos though. I’m thinking anniversary… the weather is amazing in November and if we’re lucky we might even get to see a little fall color! Now THAT is something I can’t wait to capture on film.

Shot on the Mamiya 645 using Portra 400.


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