Tengberg Maternity | Digital Preview

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You know those friends that you can go YEARS without seeing but when you connect again it’s like no time has passed? Meggin is one of those friends to me. We met while attending NAU and graduated together with degrees in advertising- in fact, she was part of the group I worked with on this project. (Aren’t you proud, Meggin? Hahaha!) Here we are at graduation, TEN YEARS AGO this December:

(I was gross. At least we know how to take better pictures now. Ha!)

It’s amazing how things have changed since then: We both moved to the Phoenix area, got married (she and hubby Keith actually eloped! I LOVE that!) and between us there are about to be four baby girls! Both of our oldest have bright blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. And now we are BOTH photographers. It really is amazing how some people are kindred spirits, no?

Meggin is a talented photographer based in north Phoenix who specializes in newborn images. In fact, she has always been a photographer since I’ve known her- it’s what she has always wanted to do with her life. When we were expecting Caelynn, she took our maternity and newborn pictures and did a beautiful job- and when she found out about her newest little girl on the way, I offered to return the favor and she graciously accepted. If the timing is right, I may also get to shoot my first birth when her baby girl decides to make her entrance- SUCH an exciting thing to be able to capture!

We met up today at this ridiculously cool venue called the Boojum Tree in Phoenix for their shoot. It was a bit more humid than any of us expected, but the overcast morning made for some great captures of her, Keith and little Olivia. Meggin looked just. beautiful. Pregnancy suits her well. And those eyes! She has always had the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. I am sending out the rolls I shot to the lab tomorrow, but for now here is a digital preview of a couple of my faves.

Love you and your sweet family, Meggin, and I simply can’t wait to meet baby Molly when she decides to come into the world! Stay tuned for the remainder of the shoot when I get my scans back in a couple weeks!


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