Jason + Vanessa | Gender Reveal | Digital.

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We had a lovely time at this adorable gender reveal party yesterday for a very sweet couple who have become great friends of ours over the past few years. In fact, when they were expecting their little man, Lincoln, who will be two next month, they asked me to take maternity photos for them, which made them my very first photo shoot clients ever. I remember being so nervous going into it but so happy when they loved how the photos turned out! They’re such a gorgeous family that honestly it would have been impossible for a five year old with a toy camera to take a bad picture of them, so at least I had that on my side. Ha! There are a couple of things you need to know about them. First, Jason is the reigning horseshoe champion of the world, four years running. At least among his friends and family, anyway. And Vanessa, besides being drop-dead gorgeous and a great friend, is also in the beginning stages of starting a homesteading Web site and class series that will teach women how to be self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of themselves and their families. I’m super stoked to be teaching a class on minimalism once it gets up and running. So more on all of that later. And they both love Jesus, which is hands-down the coolest thing about them.

Anyway, I decided on our way out the door to grab my digital and attach my amazing Goodwill find (a Nikkor 35mm f1.4 that cost me EIGHT DOLLARS and is now my favorite lens ever) and take a few snaps of the party as everyone found out if the newest little person to join their family will be a baby brother or a baby sister. I had my hands full of my own two littles most of the time, so when I wasn’t holding our youngest or stuffing my face with caprese bites, I mostly took shots of my kiddos and hubs and our good friends who were there, the Johnstons, while we were chatting.

When it came time for everyone to discover whether the baby’s future nursery will be donned with pink owls or blue monster trucks, we all gathered in the backyard to watch the balloon release. Being a mom to two girls, I was in no way biased toward Team Pink. Not biased at all…


Can’t wait to meet this sweet baby girl! She is going to have sooooo much fun being a part of this family.


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