Modern Phoenix.

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In our quest to downsize and simplify, I’ve been obsessing looking at listings in the area of town we hope to move to next. Our current home is by no means huge, but having two stories and two littles certainly makes for a handful when you’re dealing with laundry and toys and shoes and cups and plates and binkies and books and any other given object that migrates around the house and away from its designated spot. These reasons alone are why we have already begun The Great Purge of 2012 even though we haven’t put our house up for sale yet. Plus it will make our lives so much easier when we do prepare to move- less stuff, less to pack.

In what little downtime I get these days (my youngest seems to only be inconsolable when my oldest is napping- *sigh*), I’ve been online checking out the older ranch homes we’re interested in, and somewhere in my search I discovered this amazing neighborhood with homes designed and built in the mid-50s by Ralph Haver. And OH MY GOSH I may be slightly in love.

I don’t know whose house this is, but I may just knock on their door and make an offer. Think they’ll bite?

I KNOW. I wouldn’t sell it either.

I’ve been surfing Pinterest for ideas and here is some inspiration I’ve found along the way:

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

While this is serious dream house material here, and we have a LONG way to go before our home even remotely resembles something like this, we may very well hold out until something opens up in this neighborhood. It could be totally out of our reach by the time we are ready to buy again, but it’s fun to dream! All we know is that we will be SUPER intentional about what and where we buy. We don’t mind a fixer-upper— in fact, that could be fun!— but we don’t want to build from the ground up because a place needs so much work. We’re finding it’s a fine line between a total junker in a shady area vs. investor-pays-cash home vs. totally out of our price range if it’s livable, has an inside laundry and two-car-garage and doesn’t have a pool. We know God has something great for us, and what I mean is that wherever we end up, however we end up there, will be exactly where we are supposed to be, even if it looks completely different than all of this.

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