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Eucalyptus, Superstition Mountain Wilderness | Mamiya 645 | Fuji Pro 400H

Life has been changing every day around here. One day we’re selling the house, the next day we’re considering renting it out; we start our day thinking we can buy our next home only to find that investors are snapping up inventory left and right and driving up prices overnight. One thing remains constant, however. And that is our desire to simplify everything. To learn to be more self-sufficient in a world of convenience and instant gratification.

Our belongings. Our space. Our time. Our lives. Everything.

It’s kind of exciting, this idea of hitting the reset button. Over the past year I would look around our house and see nothing but sheer CHAOS. A place overtaken by stuff. Perhaps it’s the remnants of the toddler tornado that hits each room of our home every. single. day. Or the fact that I can be SUPER sentimental and don’t want to get rid of things that bring back precious memories, even if they don’t have a place in my home except for in a box in the closet. I think that’s my biggest struggle in paring down our belongings. I also want my baby to stop growing so darn fast… She has already stopped giving me newborn kisses. You know, when you kiss a newborn’s cheek, and she turns her little mouth toward your lips because she thinks it’s time to eat. Oh, how I miss her newborn kisses.

But I digress. This idea of simplifying involves a total shift in thinking. The ability to part with those things I “may wear someday” or “may come in handy,” like the seventeen notepads I found in our closet or the sheet protectors that I have found absolutely no use for since I purchased them in college, or the arsenal of unread books sitting on our shelves that I will probably never get around to reading, or the pink cashmere hoodie I’ve had for the past seven years and have literally worn once because it kind of makes me itch.

Simplifying everything also gives our littles less stuff to get into… meaning less mess (think open nail polish containers, lipstick smeared everywhere, paperclips strewn in random places all over the house). But it also means being selective about the toys we give them. We must start early if we want our girls to embrace having less in a world where people want more, more, more.

I intend to take this idea beyond the material and into the technical, business, social and relational realms as well. I’ll be documenting my progress here. I’m purging my life… How simple and beautiful can I make it? A worthy goal, indeed.


One thought on “Simplify.

  1. I’ve been following your progress on this, and life you, I have been doing the same. It is simply about being overwhelmed. Keep faith with your Journey!

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