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Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

I have been sitting on the idea of getting back into blogging for quite some time now. My former blog, Baby Steps to Mom (don’t click on the photo links- they’ll take you to a spam page. Unfortunately, whoever purchased my old domain hasn’t done anything useful with it), was a chronicle of my journey through my first pregnancy, to adjusting as a new mom, which turned into a work-at-home mom, which turned into a budding photographer, which turned into complete and total burnout. Since my last post in January of 2011, EVERYTHING has changed. Circumstances out of our control led my husband and I to a state of complete and utter humility as we leaned on the help and prayers of our friends and family just to get by in the year+ since. It was a long and winding road, full of uncertainty, fear, and confidence lost. God put us in a place of pure trust, and He delivered on His promises every. single. time.

Through the roller coaster of the past couple of years, I lost who I was. I tried so hard to be something that I simply wasn’t. I tried to be everything to everybody; I tried to fit in; I tried to be super mom; and I failed miserably. So when I found myself on the other side of the life I thought I wanted turned completely on its head, I was finally able to see with fresh eyes and a humbled heart what I truly wanted out of life.

It all began with the birth of our second precious little girl:

{Mamiya 645 | Ilford 3200 | photo by Cody Alley}

From the moment she was born, it was like I saw the world with new eyes.

I spent the first couple of years of our oldest daughter’s life scrambling, thinking I had to be a certain way to be accepted as a cool new mommy, with all the bells and whistles, everything perfect as can be. Looking back on the first two years of her life, it passed by so quickly and I feel like I missed so much trying to do it all… And as I looked into my youngest daughter’s eyes, I knew I wanted to make up for lost time, but this time for both of my sweet girls. I won’t compromise who I am, I won’t try to be someone I’m not, and I will pursue the things I have wanted to do all along- but with intention, wisdom, and dedication!

You know the why; here is the how. My little corner of the internet here is exactly that: mine. A place where I will share my photography, my thoughts, my days with my family, my faith, and everything else in between. My biggest decision moving forward is that I want my business to be an extension of who I am; I want my clients to know who they’re hiring as much as I want to know them. My reasons for moving forward in this tough business are intertwined with everything that shapes not only my character, but that of my children and the state of our family. I hope you’ll enjoy these glimpses into my life, but more than that, I can’t wait to see what YOU have to share along the way should I be privileged enough to have you and those you love in front of my lens.


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